Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thy Photographer

That's me with my lomo camera, a Holga 120FN.
Before, I only took photos from a camera phone. Taking only photos of myself and uploading it on FS and then learned how to edit the colors and contrast and etc, just to make it a little different. This was I think when I was in firstt year college.

I usually surf the net to find new things that will enhance my knowledge with photography. Then, I bump on something that really looks awesome. A photo-manipulation, I just can't remember if it was on DA or in multiply. It uses different brushes and textures and a lot of layers. By the way, I didn't know Adobe Photoshop that time. So, I was really frustrated I guess because I couldn't figure out how to make those great artworks. Then, I searched on softwares that can make great edits(That's what I call it before).

At first, I only use the brushes for putting stars, swirls and some other doodles. Adjusting the colors helps the photo look different. Then, I think recently I learned about the ps action, then I used it to have some retro/vintage effect. I loooove it so so much. :)

I got tired of editing and manipulating photos, but I still love the vintage effect. Until I saw on DA about lomography. I was fascinated with the effects of every camera and films you'll be using. I joined Lomomanila a month a go. They are a group of lomographers, taking photos with their lomocameras and other film cameras. I'm looking forward to join them in photo ops someday. After my busy busy schedule in school.

That's it for now. :)