Monday, January 26, 2009

2 days to go.

Before our 26th months of being together. :) OMG.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Got bored.

..with the old 2 column template I had for months. I wanted something new, something clean, something plain. I've been eye-ing on three column templates but got difficulty on finding that will work on blogger. I know, this one is too plain. My back is aching already, I kinda miss this. Changes. Change is good. :) [okaay wth am I talking about?.. ] I'll change the whole design [coughs]. In time. :)

My blogis lacking from photographs. Oh,this isn't me. Seriously. NOOOOT me. I really miss my camera. Just had this difficutly on saving money. But, hopefull will be able save enough money before I turn twenty twooo. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Laughter is a better medicine. :D

My brother found an old Archie Comic yesterday. At first I wasn't interested at it. Until he left it near the laptop. I read it, laugh and got so into it that I've googled if there's something like this in the world wide web. And I found Archie Online Comics. Decided to share it to you guys. :]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm sick. :((

Forgive me with a nonsense update guys. I wanted to update you guys with what happened to me this day. But my nose is killing me. :(( I think my blog needs a change. THink so?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black and white drama

I'm done with my new roll of redscaled film from my vivitar ice cam. And, I'll put another redscaled film from my panoramic camera. :D IDK why I am so addicted with redscaled latey. And not only redscaled photos, but I also love black and white photography and monotones.

My vivitar IC looks so old. I want to paint it with mint green. You know, I love the shades of green. But my favorite is mint green. But, I don't know what should I use. Is it spray paint or acrylic? I'm so clueless at this moment.

My birthday is 113 days away. Booo hoo. Hopefully to save much for the dslr I've been eye-ing on. hayay. I'll show you guys next time how I redscaled my films. :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

absolutely not my first love

..but I am so liking this commercial of Mc donald's. Hadoknow why I enjoy this kind of stuffs. But wth. Plus, I also love the little girl. If my memory is still working she's Cruzita @ Marimar's Show. :D She's super kaduper cute! :D

Throw it all.

Got so stressed out this passed few days. I really cannot understand why there are people who wanted to pull you down. They want to see you commit mistakes, but aren't they know that from mistakes we learn something new? Talking stupid stuffs behind your back was their forte. OMG.

At first I was really affected with the issues and dramas they were throwing me. But then I realized, WTH. Their goal is to irritate me, so why would I let them achieve their goal. I was done with that stage. I learned to be tough.


As promised, my resolutions slash wishes slash goals. WHATEVAYOUWANACALLIT.

1.) Save money. And buy that dslr I've been eye-ing on since I was in college. :D
2.) Be productive. Especially in work. Hayayay.
3.)Probably, go back to school again. Wanna be a graphic artist.
4.)Have my own domain.
5.)Getback to 25inches waist line. GRRRR
6.)Give mama and papa a vacation on their anniversary.

Maybe I'll add or edit this. I'm not done yet. :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Her Laziness sucks!

I've been itching for updates but wth is happening to me. I feel so lazy since the christmas vacation. By the way I'm so craving for castanyas again. Arrr. I gained a lot since november (the weekly party night outs started that month), I ate a loooot. And I can't discipline myself to avoid eating to much. =(

Yesterdi, I had lunch with my officemates slash family slash friendships near our office. Guess what, I ate grilled liempo! Told you its so difficult to avoid those super delisioso foods. Argh! I cannot believe it's going to be this difficult! =( Then, after eating my lunch my friend and I went to a convenience store to buy something sweet. Like an ice cream. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

My phone rings, it's not the usual nokia tune that I assigned it's different. Who could it be. I opened my eyes, and it's nieco. He's calling me, but why. BUT WHY? Because it's alreay 1.30 in the afternoon and I am still sleeping. Whadahels wrong with me. Been lazy. Too lazy.

I forgot to greet everyone this christmas and new year in the world wide web. Sorry for being so lazy. Gggggosh! Okey okey. I think, no I will do, should do something about this laziness.
What about a new years resolution! Stop laughing, I know it's difficult. But let's give it a try! =)

I'll be posting my kinda late new year's resolution on my next update!
Now, I'll be going to blog hop. See ya!

Sheynee =)Sheynee =)
Sheynee =)Sheynee =)

I'm so liking monotones. :D