Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rupture of future plans

A fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Oh yea. Nursing. Yes, I am going to be a health worker in the future.

Unfortunately, I'm one of the others who took it for the sake of easy access on leaving the country. Yeah, reality sucks. So, I decided to apply for a call center here in our country. Which is a leading industry here that is practical for us who needs financial support. Yeah, it pays very good.

I didn't have a hard time on getting a job. I had four or five companies that are calling me to start on my training. But, I really don't know why I feel uneasy and uncomfortable thinking that I'll be working on a field far from what I studied.

I was thinking that maybe my body is longing for hospital works that I've been used to do for about 2 years. I'm still thinking-way too long on what to do. But, a huge part of me says that I should be working on the hospital.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poor fingers

Only 26 words per minute. :( I've been practicing to type very fast without looking at the keyboard but it's mightily difficult. My fingers are getting stiff while typing. Thought I need to practice more but my fingers told me that I'd rather rest. :)

Splashing and mixing of ideas

Eleven days to go before I walk on the stage and get my diploma wearing the black toga. I dunno what to feel. I know that I should be happy because I finished my degree on time but, there's some emptiness inside(booo! for the emo-ness). I may be one of those students who finished their degree for the sake of I-need-to-finish-it-or-else-I'm-busted. I know it sucks, no I sucks. But, yeah I guess that's what really happened.

If I would be given a chance, I would like to study again. Yup, I'm not fabricating. But this time, I will take a course that is more parallel with what I love doing-PHOTOGRAPHY. I was searching, asking friends about their schools accepting second coursers student. I told you I'm serious with studying again. I am also thinking of taking I.T. or photography. But, it's expensive and I can not afford to pay my expenses for schools and the gadgets/things I'll be needing. :(

So, for now I will be stuck with the blank feeling towards graduation. Or, play with holga and shoot on the graduation. Hmmmm.