Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumble, Krumble

"I can never judge you, I can only love you."

That's deep. From someone who's known as the little kiddo slash weirdo. Love does the unbelievable things one could never thought they are capable of. It does'nt matter how much you receive but what you can sacrifice. Love moves in mysterious waaaaaaaaays :D

Hahahay Too cheesey, I am always keso. :D


Christmas is around the corner already. There's so many people everywhere, that cause traaaaaaaaaffic. Oh no, tomorrow's another day, traffic day that is. It's annoying when you're sitting in the jeepney for 15 minutes and you haven't move that far! OMG, Life is moving so fast especially when you're in the world of sales. Yeah yeah. Don't wanna explain anymore but yeah that's it. :D

Okay, Here's a picture from the office.