Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Undas together.

Halloween and Undas is over, which means that the vacation is over too. I am not allowed to wake up late anymore. =(

Been browsing and blog-hopping for about 2 hours and my eyes hurts a bit. Ow no, am I not used of the lcd radiation blaah? I don't think so. I've been playing Zombie Burger the whole day last sunday. I feel like a kiddo again. :D A lot of people says that I am acting like a kiddo but I don't looked like one. heehee I always bring my PSP at work and plays Innocent Life or listen to my favorite songs slash our songs during my vacant time, ofcourse.

My undas was unforgettable because I spend it with my family plus boyfriend included in the family reunion too. It was also the first time that we spend our undas together. All of my dreams are coming into reality and I can't believe that it's possible to be happy like this. I think I gained more pounds just be this weekend. We ate and ate the whole night with my brother dear. :D\