Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'd like to be your superwoman. :)

Sometimes, it's difficult to understand other people's way of thinking.

No one is capable of controling their attutide. We should not, why would we. It's their life not ours. They are fully grown up technically and phisically. But emotionally, I don't think so. Lots of people do funny and crazy stuffs to get attention. BUT WHY? I don't have a clue either.

Been busy this weeks. It's a hella week for me. Met new people. Ate two boxes of brownies. Thought to leave work and find a new one. Laugh at stuffs. Face my worst nightmare. Gain another pounds. Depression is my status for a day or two. Party with my Pharma family. BASAG.

I know I am weak. I used to be. I cry on simple stuffs, before. Not anymore. I am strong. I am. Your SUPERWOMAN. :D

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jh3n said...

hmm that was quite true. :) I feel for you sis.