Friday, February 27, 2009

Rocky road ice cream!

I'd like to congratulate those who passed the recent nursing licensure exam. :D HOOORAY for the new nurses! :D See if you made it. :D

So, how was everybody? Been so long since the last update. Err what's new. Right? This passed few weeks slash days was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me. Not talking about my loveelife here. But if you'd ask, it's FANTASTIC. :D So, what am I talking about, well it's the contradictions of stuffs around me.

Got fed up of the usual stupidities of uneducated mammals. Hadontknow what on earth have I done with that cheverloo. But keeping the grudge isn't good for the soul. It's not healthy for everyone. Contraindicated for you and I. It's difficult to concentrate on work if the problem is the people we're working with.

I'm torn. I'm undecided. I'm confused...

(To be continued)... *whaaat?


jh3n said...

wew. i thought this june exam. haha kinabahan ako dun. :/

Oleg said...

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